Thursday, September 16, 2010

Size matters

My adapter to mount my old Helios 44-2 (M42 mount) in reverse in front of my Canon 55-250mm came in the mail today. Perfect opportunity to fill the current voidness of this blog.

Shipment took 12 days, but heh, the ring was only $4.79 with free worldwide shipping, so I'm not complaining! (got it from dinodirect).

the old Helios, the adapter ring and the 55-250mm
the entire thing mounted

Fully extended, it's about 10 inches -- now if that won't impress the ladies, I don't know what will.

I do worry a bit about the weight of the (all-metal) Helios in front of the (pretty much all-plastic) Canon 55-250mm. It's a relatively cheap telelens, but -- being on a student's budget -- I still don't feel like ruining it.

As far as pictures go: I haven't had the opportunity to try the setup out 'in the field'. The damn wind won't go down.

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