Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yet another DIY ringflash

Sorry for the long delay between posts -- college has been eating my time. In my post about re-using an old strobe (which got referenced on lifehacker -- cool!) I told you I was working on a (macro) ring flash. It's been finished for about a week now, but I didn't have much time to try it out in the field. I thought I'd just go ahead and post the build process already.

Self shot in mirror with DIY ringflash

Monday, October 4, 2010

Downside of shooting RAW: the thirst for diskspace -- Linux RAID adventures

With my photo directory easily breaking the 100GB limit after about a month of shooting, I needed some more space. Given that disk space is pretty cheap these days, I went for two 1TB drives in software RAID1 (I don't have the discipline to make decent back-ups, hence the RAID). It turns out to be pretty easy to set up a software RAID on Linux -- if you read the documentation properly (I didn't).